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A Manufacturers Agent

Working8 Inc. is a professional sales team in the Lighting industry with focus on Lighting Showrooms, Electrical Distributors, Designers, Architects, and Retailers.

Working8 Inc. is changing the lighting industry standard to enhance the customer experience. We at Working8 Inc. are raising the bar and exceeding the expectations of what you can expect from a sales agency. Our dedicated sales and customer service team stop at nothing to ensure every customer feels value in what we do.

We enhance the quality of the buying experience by working 8 days a week to serve all of our customers and manufactures better. Working8 Inc. is a Family run business, with Family values which comes from hard dedicated work and multiple sacrifices to get the most for our customers and negotiate the best programs for our manufacturers.

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We at Working8 Inc. will always continue to strive to be the best manufacturer’s representatives to our Lighting Showrooms, Electrical Distributors, Designers, Architects, and Retailers. Working8 Inc. is well established within Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Working8 Inc. has excellent relationships with
buyers through all lighting channels, giving you unmatched sales coverage in our territory. We are the territory leader in service, hands down!

Working8 Inc. works very closely with our Canadian Customs and Freight Broker to help customers and manufacturers receive and ship products with ease. Our team will help get your product through freight, duty and brokerage regulations needed for the Canadian market.

This is just one example of how Working8 Inc. can help American manufactures or distributors breach the barrier of entry into the Canadian market.

Working8 Inc. covers Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. We truly cover our entire territory and work with sub agents in other territories giving our manufactures and distributors unmatched sales coverage in Canada.

We work hard for your business and we will continue to work even harder to grow it year over year!

Please contact a member of the Working8 Inc. team for all inquiries.

In the Media

In`the days of the connected consumer and all things digital, what inspires a member of the Millennial community to follow in their father’s path and start their own sales agency? This was the first question I asked Scott Paquet when I spent two days on the road with this savvy go-getter from the Great White North. read more...

Scott Paquet: Luminary (Sales Rep) Working 8 Inc.   London, Ontario Canada


How did you enter the lighting business? 

From the time I was around five or six years old, I was interested in where my father [David] went each day dressed in a suit and tie. When I was about seven or eight years old, he gave me the privilege of seeing what he did each day first-hand by taking me along with him for the day when there were school holidays. His first rule was, “Don’t break anything!” I really enjoyed meeting all of the different people he’d visit and the friends he made and would tag along whenever I could. When I was 16 years old, my dad gave me car keys and a small territory (southwestern Ontario). It would take me a week-and-a-half to visit everyone. I was nervous at first, but I think any 16-year-old would be! I wanted to prove myself to these customers who basically had watched me grow up. Many of our customers are like family! My mother was fine with my career choice, as she encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do and would make me happy.


What have been the biggest changes in the industry that you’ve seen?

Products have changed a lot. I remember when LED was just beginning to catch on — it was expensive, and people were afraid to use it. There have also been changes in how showrooms go to market; I used to write massive orders [now orders are finalized later]. There has also been a lot of impact [on customers] from online sellers who are willing to eat the freight costs.

What advice from your father has played a part in your success?

I have learned so much from him! In a nutshell, he has taught me that if you put in the time, do your follow up, and actually do what you say you are going to do, you will be successful. He has shown me that there is a lot of opportunity out there [if you’re willing to look for it]. In addition to rep Nathaniel Mailloux – who now covers southwestern Ontario – our agency is also successful thanks to my mom, Judy, who heads up our customer service department.

What does the future hold for lighting sales agencies?

I set the bar really high over the next 5 to 10 years. I see us being the largest lighting agency in North America. I think that’s attainable at the rate we’ve been growing. We’ve really been working hard at it. While we had dabbled in plumbing and vanities previously and courted that market, two years ago we made the decision to focus more on the lighting showrooms and electrical distributors. We went all-in on lighting, and it’s probably the smartest decision we made.  I think that the years 2020 and 2021 will continue to have growth, especially among those who are focused on the home automation category. As lighting reps, we can’t just drop catalogs off and be successful. Even in this digital age, we must go out to see customers regularly (for us, that’s every two to three weeks) and always answer our phones, even if it’s midnight. That’s what has made our agency more important to showrooms.

Proud Members of the American Lighting Association


Scott W. Paquet

Scott is President of Working8 Inc. Scott over sees all the day to day operations while also managing key accounts. Scott has been involved in the lighting and electrical wholesale industry since 2009 and has represented a number of manufactures and importers across North America.

David Paquet

David is the Eastern Canadian Sales Representative for Working8 Inc. David looks after key accounts in Central and Eastern Ontario while also managing his Eastern Canadian Territory. David has been involved in the lighting and electrical wholesale industries for over 25 years, representing several different manufactures and importers across North America.

Nathaniel K. Mailloux

Nathaniel has built and established strong relationships with customers by providing products and solutions for their needs. Nathaniel’s background in retail sales and his degree in Business along with his ability to learn quickly and adapt to situations make Nathaniel an effective and efficient sales representative in Southern Ontario. Nathaniel quickly adapts to the ever changing trends and patterns in his territory while putting customers first by providing unmatched service day in and day out.

Judy Ann Paquet

Judy is Office Manager, and Head of the Customer Service department. Judy has many years of experience in the customer service and customer care industry. Judy looks after all related issues such as pricing, order tracking, order inputting, stock and availability updates, order updates, quotes and much more.

Adam Paquet

Adam is the Warehouse Manager here at Working8 Inc. Adam handles all incoming and outgoing packages and shipments.

Buddy Paquet

Buddy is head of security.

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